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Are you looking for quality?  Looking to have a smashing good time roleplaying?!  Well, look no further!  FFumblr is the place for you!  We have plenty of character spots open for anyone to take!  Let me tell you a bit about FFumblr..

1.  We have rules, but we are quality.  Yes, we have rules, but that’s to protect the quality of our group and avoid unnecessary outside drama.  But these rules allow us to write the best that we can write!

2.  We have fun.  Here and there, we enjoy some moderate and tasteful crack humor.  It doesn’t get out of control at all, and if you feel like FFumblr rules are holding you back, then you can just head inside the TC and have as much fun as you’d like.

3.  We do it right.  Mmhm, FFumblr likes to roleplay and stay in character, so you don’t have to worry about the other person doing it wrong!

4.  We don’t bite!

5.  We’d love it if you’d join us!

Come join today!  We need some active and imaginative souls with us!  With so many spots on the list, we need YOU to bring life and color into this place! 

Join FFumblr today!  @, or advertise us!

Existing members, please be sure to spread the word!

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