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See You in the Country

I’m really obsessed with Transistor right now. Please excuse me as I go back to crying over this beautiful game.

Print available at my online shop:

~Zetallis Shop~

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Ashi Studio F/W 2014 Haute Couture

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biffalicious said: D: how did you hurt your arm??? also i feel u about the writing my friend

no i think it’s just sore?? or my bone is weak? idk if it’s /hurt/ just hard to use any strength from my forearm puah. NOT ENOUGH MILK. NEED ME MILK.
and dude writing is just gu H. man what even happened. orz

how rude.
anyway it’s probably a bad sign that my forearm (the bone or tendon or somEthing there) starts to hurt while i’m scooping ice… and continues to hurt to the point where i just want to drop the scoop.
well. huh. oh WELL.

Awake O Sleeper

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Let no man bring me harm
I bear the marks of Jesus
Let no man bring me harm
I bear the marks of the Lord

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I am a nightmare (2014) / 9pg / Akimiya Jun (tumblr)

Thank you for reading!  

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Magical tattoos, requested by doitinthelibrary

Long before the concept of tattoos appeared in the Wizarding World there were those who made permanent markers on their bodies: messages, seen by everyone, or few; words of protection, and warnings, invisible until a specific curse, or death; consequences of spells and potions gone wrong; objects transformed into ink and hidden under the skin. Not many could wield such magic, and stories of those who could had changed over the time. The wizarding world wanted something tangible, controllable: amulets, cloaks, wands.

It came back as a form of art, to use bodies as carcasses for motionless, or breathing, moving, even having minds of their own, pictures. Many disapproved, of course. After all, like everything else ever invented by a wizard, it could’ve been abused and misused - and it was, once Tom Riddle, always so fascinated with the old practices, figured out a way to use it for communication between his followers. His opponents disregarded it as Dark Magic, and refused to hear anything about adopting the idea and using it against the Death Eaters.

Things changed after the war. With two cultures slowly merging Muggleborns brought the fashion of their world along with them, and it found support among those claiming to had been under Imperio who now wished to cover the Dark Mark. Old teachings got adapted into spells, written down, and catalogued, for anyone to learn and apply. With that, lost its charm, the practice did, some say.

Young wizards and witches laugh at this notion, of course. Secrets, available to a chosen few, breeding misconceptions and fears, - nothing’s ever charming about that.

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